Manufacturer specializing in sewage treatment pump
Jooho Industrial
I'm glad to introduce us
and let us appreciate you to visit here, JOOHO Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since we, JOOHO Industrial, adopted a spurt pump from japan to South Korea in 1976, we have improved the pump and succeeded to the localization. Finally this product became the standard of a spurt pump in South Korea.

Since 1991, we have developed and distributed durable and high-performance pump products for water treatment, waste disposal, fine gravel transportation, water supply, and etc., and these products can stand comparision with the products from Europe and America.
We have supplied the pumps for waste water disposal to many public institutes including the waterwaste treatment facilities not only in Korea but also in other countries. Especially the pump for the transportation of sludge is well known as its high durability that longs 10-20 years.

In 2000s, we have had many efforts to export our product to the world market participating the international exhiitions including 2006 ACHEMA in Germany and 2016 VIETWATER in Vietnam.
As the result of these efforts, JOOHO Industrial could export our Screw pump for the waterwaste treatment facility establishment businesses in the world such as Bangladesh.

We highly appreciate your visitation and interest in our product, and we will do our best to provide the durable products with best technology and our services with more responsibilities.
As a pump manufacturing corporate that takes care of human and environment, we will take our social responsibilities and grow with you together.

Thank you.

CEO Lee Nam